Farm to Fork

Another amazing meal at Outer Isle in Murphy’s. Consistently good, fresh and organic. I am officially addicted to the farm to fork idea. Everything they serve they grow or raise, and it makes all the difference. Their menu changes regularly of course, so it never gets boring. Couple that with local wine and you have … More Farm to Fork

Manhattan in Sonora

I typically don’t drink anything but wine, but my husband introduced me to the best Manhattan I’ve ever had. It’s icy cold, not to sweet, and very refreshing. When I complimented the bartender he told me his secret ingredient that makes it so special…shhh. Emberz not only has a great bar, they also have a … More Manhattan in Sonora

Inner Sanctum

Okay, I am not a Cab lover, but Inner Sanctum’s cab is incredible. Rich, bright, berry, and smooth. Their tasting room is in downtown Jamestown. Enjoy a flight of their unique wines in a fun atmosphere and maybe you’ll find a new favorite like I did.  

Pa Pa’s New Roost

Friday my husband and I met for lunch at Pa Pa’s New Roost. I think they serve some of the best casual lunch fare in the county. If you’re hungry for deli style sandwiches with endless meat piled high, this is the place for you. One of my favorite dishes is their Reuben sandwich and … More Pa Pa’s New Roost

Pork Rind Tortillas

Originally posted on The Primitive Palate:
My husband loves tacos.  Don’t get me wrong, so do I! But we differ in one area. I am a hard shell girl and he prefers soft flour tortillas. The only low-carb version of hard shell tacos I’ve seen basically make the shells from crispy cheese and it’s just…

A Lovely White

I recently discovered a lovely white wine (and I am typically not a white wine drinker so this says a lot) that is perfect for these warm summery days. My girlfriends and I were meeting in Murphy’s for lunch on a very warm afternoon and had a little extra time to spare. So what do … More A Lovely White